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How to attract a Scorpio Man

Knowing a little about astrology you will probably understand that there are various characteristics regarding the different birth signs that can influence a relationship. Men and women born under a zodiac sign have unique traits in their personality which help them when they are dealing with everyday situations as well as how they approach new acquaintances.

Is the Scorpio guy right for you?

To start with you must accept that men born under the Scorpio sign will vary, but here we try to give some overall guidance of the recognized traits found in this sign. These are the elementary point that you need to know to decide if this is going to be the right mate for you. As shown in most cases a majority of Scorpio males are:

Reserved and Quiet: A Scorpio man tends to have a cold unapproachable exterior until he gets to know you. However, his emotions may be boiling due to his passionate nature which he will not expose until he is happy that he will not feel rejection.

Intelligent perfectionist: A Scorpio man is always looking for a similar quality in a partner because an intelligent conversation is a big part of respect in the relationship. You may get an uncanny feeling that he has the ability to read your mind. Having an orderly approach to life is where the perfectionist stems from and care should be taken in avoiding chaotic outbursts.

Intuitive and Intolerant:
A Scorpio male generally is highly intuitive and is very good at picking out if someone is telling the truth or not. This comes from his ability to weigh up a person in the initial stages of meeting them. A situation to avoid like the plague is to cause an event where a Scorpio male is shown up in any company. He will feel that loyalty has been sacrificed and the relationship may never recover from it.

Scorpio men find it difficult to read the borders between love and hate. They have an excellent memory when recalling insults inflicted by a person they love. They are very good at hiding their emotions at the time of insult but will seek revenge at the time of their choosing. A Scorpio male is renowned, due to his birth sign of having a sting in the tail. There is also the possibility that he will break up the partnership without ever explaining the reason.

If you still want to attract a Scorpio Male

If you're thinking of having a relationship with a Scorpio men you will need to know he tends to have inexhaustible energy and as such find, they are surrounded by women, so you may find some competition. The secret is to let him do the chasing, by standing back and being smart. He will find it unusual that you are not putting yourself forward to be noticed by him and his ego will be pricked. You now know from the above the characteristics of the Scorpio male so use them to your advantage. Lure him in by being slightly secretive, an enigma that he needs to understand.

Is Scorpio Man Suited to Marriage?

A Scorpio man may not be your best choice as a husband if you are seeking a marriage of equals. However, if you feel you need a man for support, who will look after you and offer you strong foundations for a long relationship then look no further. One caveat to bear in mind is that accepting him as the leader in the early stages of a relationship will be very difficult to change later on. Having said this, the Scorpio man has many attractive and desirable qualities and is often very appealing to  thew opposite sex. You can find out more about attracting him here.

One of the strong traits of the Scorpio male is his need to be in control. He can be very strong-willed and will always be very reluctant to back down or give way. You have to make a decision early on in the relationship to either try to stamp your authority on certain aspects of your partnership or possibly lose his respect for being weak by surrendering to his way of doing everything.

As far as a Scorpio male is concerned marriage is a bonding for life so it is very important to understand his traits and what makes him tick. His sign is classified in the zodiac as being intelligent, strong-willed, organized and exceptionally loyal. It will take a massive upset for him to walk away and it would only be on the basis of dishonesty or lack of trust. If you contemplate a divorce with a Scorpio man you have to be mentally prepared for a very tough battle.

A Scorpio man has a direct attitude to life seeing most situations as black or white. He can at times be fanatical due to his single-minded approach. Flexibility and change of direction are not in his vocabulary, and if denied his own way could become very difficult to live with.

Living with a man born under the star sign of Scorpio could be likened to sitting on a powder keg waiting for someone to light the fuse and cause an explosion. He can be subject to long bouts of brooding silences because he finds it difficult to let go of his emotions. It can be hard at times in dealing with the intensity of emotions. On the other hand, the natural depth of his emotion makes him capable of understanding your problems, unlike any other man.

Scorpio man has a built-in psychic aptitude to instinctively hone in on how you are feeling and even be able to point out traits affecting you that you were totally unaware of. This leads to warning you that there is little point in trying to hide a secret or other situation from a Scorpio, as his knack of intuition will bring it to the surface.

Scorpio Man as a Dad

Because of his strong righteous views, Scorpio will be a strong father figure being inflexible and strict with also a tendency to organize a child’s life for them. A child will probably learn very quickly what a bad idea it is to cross their father and to get what they want it may be easier to emulate his domineering attitude.

The Scorpio Man In A Love Relationship

When it comes to living, what the Scorpio man is really liking for is a romance based on passion and adventure, an encounter that makes him feel like the man that he’s always wanted to be. When he finds the right woman, he will give everything he has to her. However, until he finds that special person, he will not give is heart and soul entirely.

For the Scorpio man, it is important for him to be part of a relationship that is considered to be a special or power couple. He wants to have a woman that both he and others deeply admire, but at the same time, one with whom he can feel a deep and soulful connection like no other.

Scorpio men often have traditional values about family life, but not necessarily about marriage. Although this can seem like a paradox to many, to the Scorpio guy, family and marriage are two different things. He views his connection with his kids in one way and the bond with his wife in another.

\When it comes to his woman, he likes a woman who is strong, willful, independent and capable to stand on his own two feet. He will not be attracted to needy woman or women who are completely reliant on him. Scorpio’s put a lot of care and attention into selecting their perfect mate, so he will not try to change you once he has you as you will be just what he wants if he has decided to enter a relationship with you.

Scorpio’s need to be given the time and space to follow their passions in life and will greatly appreciate the woman who allows him this slack. If you stifle him then he will be out of the door fast! When it comes to the family, he will be a fantastic Dad and enjoy getting involved with the kid’s activities, picking them up from school and even doing housework, as long as he can also have his space to do the things he wants in life.

While the Scorpio man will be very protective of his wife, family and property, he can also at times be somewhat possessive. Often a perfectionist, he may want things done in a particular way and also in a way that enables him to keep a close eye on things. Even though he can have a strong vision for how things should be done, he can also be uncompromising, which can be stifling for some women. However, due to his strong paternal instincts, he wants a strong family connection and bond, where there are open communication and love between all the family members and will do what it takes to create this in his life.

Although Scorpio men want to be in a close and loving relationship with a woman who will do anything for him, he does not want to feel like he is being controlled by his woman. As such, he will often want you and then pull away, again and again until he finally feels in his hear that you are not trying to control him. Once this happens he will then feel comfortable to let his guard down and let you in completely. This is a great moment for both people in the relationship as he will feel a great sense of relief and relaxation as he surrenders completely to his woman, and in turn, she will get devoted love and passion like none that she has ever experienced before.

Scorpio’s at a deep level feel a strong sense of fear of losing someone they love, hence the abandonment issues that they often have. This can make him take a long time to get close to someone and he may keep his mate at arm's length for a very long time. Definitely, do not try to push him into a relationship before he is ready or he will back off from you. You just need to understand and respect this side of him and give him the time and space that he needs. May he feel that you truly have his back and you are there for him no matter what. Let him see all the great things about you and all the wonderful ways in which you can make his life better and he will then naturally start to gravitate towards you.

As you can see, the Scorpio man is both very interesting but also rather complicated. While a relationship can be incredibly fulfilling once he completely trusts you and surrenders to this, it can also have its challenges. For more information on the Scorpio man in relationships, see http://scorpiomen.net/
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